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Backups are essentially insurance against any number of issues that can destroy your business -- natural disasters like fire and flood, criminal activity like theft, sabotage, or ransomware, human error like deleting a file or directory by mistake, or machine failure (e.g. disk crash). Data storage and backup is often referred to as the 3-2-1 rule: three different storage media (e.g. your computer's harddisk, an external harddrive, and a separate cloud backup), two unrelated backups, and one offsite backup.

We highly recommend that you backup as follows:

  1. Backup your system to an external harddrive. External drives are cheap, and allow you to restore your entire system or selected files, depending on the issue at hand.. (Google "Time Machine Backup" for more)
  2. Backup your system to the cloud. This protects you against physical disasters that might destroy your external harddrive (fire, flood, theft).

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